The Little Monk Incense Burner

This beautiful ceramic backflow incense burner is hand crafted.

Ceramic incense burners are ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a decorative accessory to any space.

All our incense towers produce deep heavy smoke. When there is no air movement around, the smokes slides and slowly sinks, mimicking a waterfall/cloud mist on top of a mountain at the base of the figurine

Suitable for your meditation corner, the office/study room, bedroom, yoga studio. Place them on your desk, table, or on an alter stand. 

Ideal for aromatherapy, meditation, calming anxiety.

These marvelous ceramic incense burners will provide years and years of usage and are an easy way to add a nice fragrance to your home or office.

Makes for a great gift

Size: 4.7x3.5 in  (12x9 cm) 
Material: Ceramic

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    Marsha        February 3, 2019      It was a gift to my boyfriend and he loved it

    Larry F.        February 6, 2019      It's very relaxing to watch and I love to light this when I come home after a long day. Though the incense burns quickly (10-15 minutes) it leaves behind a very pleasant smell and the experience of watching the "liquid smoke" flow down is worth the quick burn time.

    Gina Davis    February 17, 2019    It's just perfect, adorable and very well made! I'm going to order more backflow cones from this company

  Roberta        February 26, 2019    Slightly smaller than I expected but it will fit in places I didn't think of. I still like it!

    Gwen            March 6, 2019        I love this little incense burner! Watching the backflow is mesmerizing! I got it for a gift and it was a great choice!

    Bryana           March 11, 2019      This burner is adorable and it is VERY relaxing to watch the smoke flow and pool as the cone burns. I also burn regular cones and sticks on this burner. It's a wonderful addition to my Buddha themed room!

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