The Little Buddha Incense Burner

This beautiful ceramic backflow incense burner is hand crafted.

Ceramic incense burners are ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a decorative accessory to any space.

All our incense towers produce deep heavy smoke. When there is no air movement around, the smokes slides and slowly sinks, mimicking a waterfall/cloud mist on top of a mountain at the base of the figurine

Suitable for your meditation corner, the office/study room, bedroom, yoga studio. Place them on your desk, table, or on an alter stand. 

Ideal for aromatherapy, meditation, calming anxiety.

These marvelous ceramic incense burners will provide years and years of usage and are an easy way to add a nice fragrance to your home or office.

Makes for a great gift

Size: 4.7x3.5 in  (12x9 cm) 
Material: Ceramic

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    Scott V.        January 13, 2018    Love this Buddha incense burner as the incense drifts like a waterfall. The only thing is I wish I had ordered more incense cones with it

    Karen Silva    January 17, 2018    Just as how it looks in the pictures. They also sent many incense cones in a cute lil cloth bag. Well worth the price.

    Valerie        January 23, 2108    It is small, but I knew it would be. However, that doesn't make me love it any less. I will eventually put it in a pot surrounded by small plants to look like he's sitting in a garden.

        Fran        February 6, 2018    This little backflow incense burner is lovely. I used it twice the night it came in and shared photos with all of my family and friends (who all now want one).

    Lori G.        February 23, 2018    This is so cute! It works great also. The smoke falls like a waterfall and is mesmerizing. It's only less than 5 inches tall, but it doesn't take away from the look of it

    Ericka        March 1, 2018        I am super happy with this beauty. Loved that it came with free insence, so no need to wait to use it upon arrival!