3D Night Light - Lotus Pose Lamp

Get your dose of zen with this beautiful and colorful yoga nightlight, illuminated using LEDs that never get hot, yet produce a warming  and comforting glow and a 3D effect.

Easily toggle between 7 different colors ( Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Fluorescent or White) or use the Rainbow Mode where colors pulsate.

Durable base in which are LED beads. powered by 5V USB Cable or batteries*, very energy-efficient.

Great decoration for your yoga or meditation spot that makes your space feel more personal and bring calm and positive energy. Fits also in your bedroom, livingroom, office or children's room.

Makes a great gift for any occasion.  

Package Contents: 

1x 3D illusion light 

1x USB power cable 

1x lamp base

*Batteries not included

Please tear off the protective film before use. 

LED life span: 10000hours

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    L. May    January 21, 2018    Looks good on my nightstand

     M.K.        January 26, 2018    looks better than in the pictures, will be ordering another one :)

    Mike        February 2, 2018      My kids love this 3d lamp. Works great!!

    Catlin       February 16, 2018    My friend says it's the best Xmas present I ever got her :)

   Fry          February 22, 2018    It looks fantastic, I just wish it was bigger

   Mxxx       February 28, 2018    Really nice 3D lamp at good price