Ceramic Incense Burner

This charming ceramic incense burner not only holds your incense, it also makes a great decorative piece. The incense burner holds both stick and cone shaped incense, but for the "water flowing" effect you must use cone shaped backflow incense.

  •       Ceramic incense holder
  •           Resembles water flowing 
  •           Black or bronze color with distressed details
  •           Handmade by fair trade artisans
  •           Lead free and non-toxic
  •           Durable and detergent washable

Ideal for aromatherapy, meditation, calming anxiety. For your meditation corner, studio, bedroom. Also great as a gift.

All our incense towers produce deep heavy smoke. When there is no movement around, the smokes slides and slowly sinks. 

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    Stacey S.    December 19, 2017    I love it! well packed and speedy delivery

  Oliver           January 7, 2018         Looks great and the incense cones fit perfectly. The brown color isn't exactly as on the images, I thought it would be darker

    KikkY            February 12, 2018    I love it, thank you :)

    Paola            February 23, 2018    very nice, well packed and speedy delivery

  Betty Brown  February 26, 2018     Great looking, nice "water flow" feeling, but the delivery time was almost 2 weeks  

    Matt               March 12, 2018        Beautifull incense holder, I love the water flowing effect, just wish I had also bought the incense cones so they arrive at the same time, as this was a gift